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Sword Art Online Cosplay Guide

Whether you are a fan of games, novels or anime, I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with the term Sword Art Online. The sword god field has attracted many loyal fans with relatively novel themes and charming fantasy colors.

In 2022, the electronic machinery manufacturer “ARGUS” developed a machine “NERvGear” mounted on the head that can control the human brain to connect to the virtual world, so humans finally realized a complete virtual reality.

As one of the players in the VRMMORPG Sword Art Online: Kirito, he and 10,000 other players just logged in to enjoy the game, the game administrator announced a shocking news to everyone. That is, the only way to log out of this game now is to break the game, and if GAME OVER in this game, it also represents the “death” in the real world.

Kirito can only accept this fact earlier than other players in this chaotic situation, and plunge into the battle with no end in sight…

Kirito has superb reflexes and insight. Because he completely sneaked into the official version of SAO, he was involved in the death game, and with this as a starting point, he was involved in various virtual world events. The appearance makes the age look younger than the actual age. Because of the painful memories in the past, he is unwilling to have deep friendship with others, and appears very mature and calm. It gives the impression of “unpredictable” and “unknown age”.

If you are interested, you can try Kiriya Kazuto cosplay costumes.

His clothes are black and the wallet jacket is very cool. His weapons look very handsome. If you want to own them, you can make them yourself, or you can go to the store to see if there are matching weapons.

Shino Asada is a fictional character who appears in Shara Art Online’s Sword Art Online series of light novels and anime. She is named after Portmanteau, Sinn, and is well-known in the Gun Gale Online and Alfheim Online video games in the series.

At the age of ten, Shino was involved in a post office robbery and accidentally killed an armed robber. As a result, she began to fear guns and decided to play the online game Gun Gale, hoping that it would make up for her trauma.

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